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Are Dairy Products Good or Bad? Exhaustive Review

Are Dairy Products Good or Bad? Exhaustive Review

The Nationwide Well being Vitamin Program recommends that adults eat 2 dairy merchandise per day. As for youngsters, adolescents and the aged, they need to eat Three or even four dairy merchandise a day. However are dairy merchandise actually as wholesome?

I plunged into scientific research to conduct my investigation. I want to share with you what I’ve found by means of a complete critique of dairy merchandise.

Here’s what you’ll uncover:

  • Primary info on dairy merchandise
  • Why some individuals are illiberal to dairy merchandise
  • What are the advantages of dairy merchandise
  • What are the issues or illnesses related to dairy merchandise
  • What to switch dairy merchandise

Primary info on dairy merchandise

The phrases “daily products” or “dairy products” check with merchandise constructed from milk.

Dairy merchandise are present in most houses within the western world.

If you open the fridge of the typical American, it’s typically to seek out milk , yogurt , cottage cheese and cheese .

Milk can also be discovered within the following meals:

  • Butter
  • Flavored milk
  • Yogurts
  • Buttermilk
  • Kefir
  • Chocolate milk
  • Espresso drinks
  • Iced espresso
  • Condensed milk
  • Milk powder
  • Milkshakes
  • Whipped cream
  • The porridge
  • Bitter cream
  • The recent cream
  • The uncooked cream
  • Ice cream
  • The cottage cheese
  • The flan
  • The froth
  • Bavarian
  • The pudding
  • Numerous desserts
  • Some varieties of cookies
  • Some forms of bread
  • Some forms of desserts
  • Some sauces
  • Milk chocolate and a few varieties of sweet
  • Some cereals for breakfast
  • Some forms of ready soups
  • Some varieties of meat and sausages
  • Some forms of chips
  • Whey protein / whey

Since when can we eat dairy merchandise?

The person solely started to drink milk on the creation of agriculture and animal husbandry. It’s been round 10,000 years in the past.

Why some individuals are illiberal to dairy merchandise

With the arrival of agriculture and livestock, our food plan has modified drastically. We began consuming milk, cereals, salt, and doubtless growing our consumption of mammalian meat.

Earlier than the arrival of agriculture and animal husbandry, our food regimen was that of hunter-gatherers. Have you ever ever heard of the paleo weight loss plan ? This weight-reduction plan is predicated on hunter-gatherer feeding.

It’s usually accepted that milk is sweet for bones. Nevertheless, analysis means that hunter-gatherers (who didn’t drink milk) had stronger bones than ours.

Cow’s milk is just not meant for human consumption in any respect. Its position is to make sure calves develop quickly.

At delivery, a calf weighs 40 kg; 2 years later, it’s absolutely developed and weighs 600 kg. Little question, subsequently, milk could be very nourishing.

Thanks to exploit, people have survived troublesome occasions. He offered us with the proteins, fat, sugars, nutritional vitamins and minerals we would have liked at occasions when there was little or no meals.

We typically hear that it’s unnatural to drink milk as a result of people are the one mammals to drink milk from one other mammal. For my part, this can be a considerably odd argument, as a result of a buffalo won’t ever be milked by a lion, for instance. And the way would a lion tread a buffalo, anyway? Sitting on a stool, with a bucket?

From the viewpoint of evolution, we don’t want dairy merchandise for our well being. We now have lived hundreds of thousands of years with out cow’s milk. However, in itself, this doesn’t imply that milk is dangerous for human beings.

We’re additionally the one mammal that cooks and cooks meals. And look the place it took us! In abstract, as mammals, we exhibit multiple deviant conduct. That’s not why they’re good or dangerous in your well being.

Genetically talking, however, the human being just isn’t made to digest milk.

Research present that in areas the place milk has been used for hundreds of years, we’ve got genetically tailored to dairy merchandise. This primarily considerations the inhabitants of Northern Europe.

Consuming milk might appear to be probably the most regular factor on the planet. The very fact is, a lot of the world’s inhabitants doesn’t tolerate milk. 75% of the world’s inhabitants is lactose illiberal .


lactoseLactose is a carbohydrate present in milk. These milk sugars are composed of two easy sugars: glucose and galactose.

The physique of newborns manufactures lactase , an enzyme whose position is to dissociate lactose from breast milk.

Most individuals in northern Europe proceed to supply lactase all their lives and subsequently tolerate dairy merchandise properly.

Lactose intolerance

For a lot of the world’s inhabitants, nevertheless, the power to supply lactase disappears as one approaches maturity. The lactose cannot be dissociated any extra and one turns into lactose illiberal.

It’s estimated that zero% to 15% of the inhabitants of Northern Europe is lactose illiberal. Whereas in giant elements of Africa, South America and Asia, this determine reaches 80%!

Lactose intolerance results in digestive issues. This may end up in troubles comparable to:

  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach cramps
  • flatulence
  • bloating
  • nausea
  • Ache within the decrease stomach
  • vomiting
  • Constipation

Diarrhea is brought on by lactose, which, undigested , is discovered within the small gut. This causes a name for water within the digestive tract.

Within the giant gut, intestinal micro organism ferment lactose, which causes the formation of fuel. This causes bloating and may trigger stomach ache and flatulence .

The symptomatology varies from one individual to a different and will depend on the quantity of lactose that’s tolerated and the quantity that has been consumed.

If in case you have lactose intolerance, it’s best to not eat dairy merchandise, or no less than keep away from them as a lot as attainable.

Fermented Milk Products

Fermented milk merchandise

Many lactose illiberal individuals can tolerate small quantities of lactose, within the type of fermented dairy merchandise similar to yogurt , cheese , butter and kefir.

Kefir is derived from the fermentation of milk utilizing “kefir grains”. The bacterial cultures current in kefir and yoghurt feed on lactose.

That is why yogurt, and particularly kefir, accommodates a lot much less lactose than common milk.

In consequence, kefir and yogurt are sometimes nicely tolerated by individuals who have lactose intolerance.

Some lactose illiberal individuals expertise fewer issues once they drink uncooked milk and / or from cows within the open air and free to graze.

The liberty to maneuver and graze has an impact on the composition of milk that cows give.

Cow’s milk allergy

We should distinguish lactose intolerance and allergy to cow’s milk. In case of milk allergy, it isn’t lactose that’s concerned, however a protein particular to cow’s milk.

Allergy to exploit impacts primarily infants and may disappear with age.

Some individuals, nevertheless, stay allergic to cow’s milk throughout their childhood and maturity.

The one answer is to not eat meals that include cow’s milk.

The advantages of dairy merchandise

In the event you would not have lactose intolerance or milk allergy, dairy merchandise might have some advantages.

I want to level out, nevertheless, that dairy merchandise have a lot of destructive results on human well being, and I subsequently don’t advocate their systematic consumption . I don’t agree that dairy merchandise contribute to optimum well being .

To study concerning the unfavourable results of dairy merchandise, see “Disorders or Diseases Associated with Dairy Products”.

Profit # 1: Entire dairy merchandise assist battle obese

Research present that individuals who eat entire milk merchandise (resembling entire milk) are much less more likely to be overweight than individuals who eat skim milk merchandise.

In one other research, it appeared that individuals who consumed probably the most dairy merchandise suffered much less typically from extra stomach fats, had decrease triglyceride ranges, and had higher sensitivity to insulin.

It might appear odd that individuals who eat probably the most fats are exactly those that endure the least from obese.

Nevertheless, high-fat diets such because the low-carbohydrate weight loss plan and the ketogenic eating regimen are certainly simpler than low-fat diets for weight reduction.

Profit # 2: Lowered Danger of Sort 2 Diabetes

The research talked about within the rationalization of profit # 1 present that the consumption of entire dairy merchandise reduces the danger of sort 2 diabetes .

It ought to be famous, nevertheless, that different research discovered no correlation between entire milk consumption and lowered danger of sort 2 diabetes.

The proof is subsequently not conclusive regarding this potential advantage of dairy merchandise.

Profit # Three: Dairy merchandise are very nutritious

The milk is nourishing. It accommodates Three g protein per 100 g, which accommodates 18 of the 22 amino acids.

Milk can also be wealthy in calcium, nutritional vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, D, potassium, zinc, magnesium and phosphorus.

As well as, the milk accommodates fatty acids. These fat are sometimes eliminated to supply skim milk, which is then marketed or used as a base for the manufacturing of sunshine dairy merchandise.

This will save energy, however on the expense of many advantages. It’s exactly within the milk fats that its useful vitamins are discovered.

When you drink milk, it’s all the time higher to decide on entire milk fairly than skim milk.

Extra fats and extra caloric, entire milk additionally supplies higher satiety.

It’s a mistake to assume that entire dairy merchandise make you fats and that dairy merchandise are lighter, no. In truth, the other is true as a result of entire dairy merchandise are extra satiating.

The fats current in milk consists of about 400 kinds of fatty acids, most of that are saturated fatty acids.

cows ate up grassMilk from grazing cows supplies omega-3s and is richer in fat-soluble nutritional vitamins comparable to nutritional vitamins K1 and K2.

Necessary for the metabolism of calcium, vitamin K2 can also be good for the guts and bones.

Skim milk merchandise don’t include or little vitamin Okay!


Profit four: Entire milk reduces the danger of coronary heart assault

One may assume that entire milk, due to its saturated fatty acid content material, will increase the danger of heart problems.

We grew up with the concept saturated fatty acids improve ldl cholesterol and subsequently the danger of heart problems.

In recent times, nevertheless, there was no scientifically confirmed hyperlink between saturated fats consumption and the danger of coronary heart assault.

Keys studyThe perception that saturated fat improve the danger of heart problems is because of the Keys research , carried out within the 1960s.

Keys’ research suffers from a variety bias: solely nations that confirmed that saturated fat improve the danger of heart problems have been included within the findings.

If you wish to know extra about this, learn my article on tips on how to decrease ldl cholesterol.

The best way cows are stored determines to a big extent the composition of the milk.

A pasture cow, free to maneuver and grass fed, offers a a lot richer omega-Three and ALC milk . These are necessary for preventing irritation and assist forestall heart problems.

Research present that in nations the place cows are ate up grass , the consumption of entire milk merchandise reduces the danger of heart problems and coronary heart assault.

A meta-analysis of 10 research confirmed that entire milk reduces the danger of coronary heart assault and stroke. The danger of heart problems, nevertheless, was not considerably decrease.

Actually, one other research, by which solely ladies participated, revealed an elevated danger of heart problems associated to the consumption of entire dairy merchandise.

In Australia, the place cows are primarily grass fed and transfer freely, the danger of heart problems is far decrease in individuals who eat entire milk merchandise.

Profit # 5: Decreased blood strain

Milk from grass-fed cows is more healthy at totally different ranges. Dairy merchandise from cows ate up the grass show to have a hypotensive impact.

Issues or illnesses related to dairy merchandise

Let’s begin immediately with the primary concept about dairy merchandise: the assumption that dairy merchandise are good for bones.


The promoting campaigns of the dairy business typically goal the advantages of milk on the bones. Their argument: the calcium content material of milk.

Milk can be essential for the expansion of youngsters. And for many who have handed the age of progress, milk would forestall bone fractures.

In Western nations, osteoporosis is the main explanation for bone fractures within the aged.

Osteoporosis is because of calcium deficiency. Osteoporosis refers back to the weakening of the bones. It causes porosity that impacts the density, construction and power of the bone. Osteoporosis will increase the danger of bone fracture.

It’s true that calcium is essential to stop osteoporosis: little question about it. Milk containing calcium, it isn’t utterly farfetched to assume that consuming milk is sweet for the bones.

Now, and that is the place it turns into fascinating , it’s in nations the place the consumption of dairy merchandise is the bottom that we observe the least instances of osteoporosis!

Quite the opposite, it’s within the nations the place loads of dairy merchandise are consumed (for instance america) that probably the most instances of osteoporosis are listed.

In France, a rustic that consumes a whole lot of milk, virtually 400,000 fractures because of osteoporosis are to be deplored yearly.

Research that take a look at the meals which are consumed in a given nation are all the time somewhat tough. We eat numerous dairy merchandise in the USA, but in addition different meals that aren’t consumed, for instance, in Japan, the place consumption of dairy merchandise is low.

The Japanese eat extra greens and fish and fewer junk meals than in the USA. It’s subsequently troublesome to attract definitive conclusions from such research. We’ll content material ourselves with discovering the outcomes of those putting research.

In one other research, a gaggle of 40,000 individuals between the ages of 40 and 70 have been adopted for eight years. In individuals who ate no less than 2.5 glasses of milk a day, bone fractures have been much less widespread than those that didn’t drink or had little milk.

In an 18-year research of greater than 72,000 postmenopausal ladies, milk was not discovered to scale back the danger of bone fractures. In distinction, vitamin D dietary supplements have been proven to scale back the variety of bone fractures.

Vitamin D promotes the absorption of calcium

Calcium is important for the bones. The query arises why dairy merchandise don’t have the constructive impact that one would anticipate on bone density.

There are a number of explanations for this.

Some researchers consider that extreme calcium consumption can delay bone formation and weaken bone construction.

One other rationalization is that calcium absorption requires a sure calcium / phosphorus ratio . Breast milk has a calcium / phosphorus ratio of two : 1 , which is a perfect ratio .

Nevertheless, the ratio of cow’s milk is about 1/1 . A further calcium consumption is then mandatory to realize a superb ratio. The physique has calcium reserves and subsequently makes use of them.

Solely these reserves of calcium are within the bones they’re! This might very properly clarify why osteoporosis is so prevalent in nations the place milk consumption is highest. After consuming milk, the physique attracts calcium from its bone reserves to revive the right calcium / phosphorus ratio.

Osteoporosis train

Osteoporosis is just not solely resulting from weight-reduction plan. Osteoporosis primarily impacts older ladies. Menopause causes hormonal modifications which might be partly liable for osteoporosis.

Using the contraceptive capsule also can have a unfavorable impact on bone density.

And as if issues weren’t already difficult sufficient like that, we discover research (like this one and this one ) which, as for them, present that the milk is sweet for the bones.

The dairy business is thrilled to make use of these research to argue that milk is sweet for bone well being. Nevertheless, if we take a better look, we understand that these are small-scale research that date again to a sure time.

A poor calcium / magnesium stability will increase the danger of thrombosis

The physique wants twice as a lot calcium as magnesium.

The consumption of many meals wealthy in calcium corresponding to milk disrupts this ratio.

If one doesn’t compensate for meals wealthy in magnesium, there’s an elevated danger of venous thrombosis.

Meals wealthy in magnesium embrace bananas, avocados, spinach, Swiss chard, black beans, almonds, squash seeds, figs and darkish chocolate.

diabetes in children

Elevated danger of sort 1 diabetes in youngsters

Sort 1 diabetes is an autoimmune illness that leads to the assault and destruction of pancreatic cells. The physique is then unable to supply insulin, which cells want to soak up blood glucose.

Lactose may cause issues in younger youngsters, whose intestines are nonetheless creating.

The lactose is then more likely to cross into the blood.

This could result in an immune system response that may result in sort 1 diabetes if the immune system assaults the pancreas.

In sort 1 diabetics, the presence of antibodies towards cow’s milk proteins, is thus noticed.

Sounds far-fetched? That is the case. Research present that youngsters who drink much less milk are much less more likely to have sort 1 diabetes.

This doesn’t imply that your youngster could have sort 1 diabetes if he drinks milk or might be spared if he doesn’t drink milk. It’s simply that the danger is greater. 1.5 occasions larger , to be exact.

It’s common information that infants ought to be breastfed and wait so long as attainable earlier than feeding.

Breastfed infants are much less more likely to develop sort 1 diabetes than infants given cow’s milk.

Lean dairy merchandise improve the danger of Parkinson’s illness

Parkinson’s illness is characterised by the destruction of a inhabitants of neurons, that are unable to supply dopamine.

Dopamine is concerned in motion administration. This is the reason Parkinson’s sufferers are trembling and have slurred speech. Additionally they endure from stiffness within the legs and arms.

Analysis exhibits that individuals who eat Three or extra servings of skim milk a day have a better danger of Parkinson’s illness (34%) than individuals who eat most 1 day of milk.

The identical research additionally confirmed that the day by day consumption of a single portion of milk results in an elevated danger in comparison with a single portion of skim milk per week.

Elevated danger of sure forms of most cancers

Dairy merchandise improve the manufacturing of IGF-1.

IGF-1 is particularly thought-about a doping product as a result of it has the impact of strengthening the muscle mass.

IGF-1 additionally promotes organ progress and it’s throughout puberty that the physique produces probably the most. Excessive ranges of IGF-1 can have unfavorable results.

Some research recommend a correlation between prostate most cancers and excessive IGF-1 ranges.

In distinction, different research recommend that prime IGF-1 ranges decrease the danger of colon most cancers.

One other large-scale research confirmed a hyperlink between lactose and an elevated danger of ovarian most cancers.

Different research present that it’s the undetected lactose intolerance that will increase the danger of ovarian most cancers.

There are additionally research which have discovered no correlation between IGF-1 and a better danger of most cancers.


Milk consumption is related to pimples. This could possibly be defined by the rise in IGF-1 ranges .

Slowdown of the motion of endorphin

The milk incorporates exorphines . These are molecules that inhibit the motion of endorphins. Endorphins act as neurotransmitters. The discharge of dopamine and serotonin is then blocked.

glutenThere are additionally exorphins in gluten , the soy and spinach s . With milk, it isn’t lactose however casein proteins which are answerable for exorphins.

Some individuals are delicate to exorphines. Usually, the DPP-IV enzyme causes the neutralization of exorphins.

However because the gluten content material of wheat has elevated dramatically and the milk comes from cow breeds that give numerous beta A1 casein (extra on this later), some individuals are not capable of neutralize exorphins.

End result: the motion of endorphin is inhibited , in addition to the discharge of serotonin and dopamine.

This will trigger all types of psychological issues . These embrace melancholy , consuming issues , ADD , ADHD , consideration issues , compulsive behaviors , habit and psychosis .

Milk will increase the danger of untimely dying

A current large-scale research in Sweden discovered that consuming Three or extra glasses of milk a day will increase the danger of untimely demise.

This research additionally discovered that individuals who ate a whole lot of milk have been extra more likely to have bone fractures .

As well as, bigger milk customers had larger blood ranges of irritation markers and oxidative stress .


Milk is suspected to play a task within the improvement of Crohn’s illness and a number of sclerosis . These illnesses are incurable.

Nevertheless, the proof is inconclusive and it have to be emphasised that different elements play a task within the improvement of those illnesses.

A2 milk

At the moment, A2 milk is introduced as the best choice available on the market. Maybe you’ve got already seen it within the commerce.

The A1 milk corresponds to common milk . I’ll clarify the variations between common milk and A2 milk.

It’s claimed that A2 milk is simpler to digest for individuals who endure from glucose intolerance.

Milk is about Three% protein. These proteins include 80% casein . Casein is a vital protein as a result of the physique is ready to break it down into important fatty acids and use it for the synthesis of different proteins.

There are several types of casein, together with casein beta (casein β). There are 13 variants of casein beta. The most typical variants are beta casein A1 and casein beta A2 .

Casein beta A1 is derived from sure breeds of cows from Northern Europe. These breeds of cows are raised in Europe, North America and Australia. The milk of those cows incorporates each casein beta A1 and casein beta A2 . That is “ordinary” milk , out there in any grocery store.

Some breeds of cows ( Guernsey and Jersey ) produce milk that incorporates solely beta A2 casein. The milk of those cows is marketed as A2 milk.

The milk of goat , of horse and sheep incorporates not both beta casein A1.

Some research point out that it’s exactly casein beta A1 that has unfavorable results on well being.

In an effort to digest casein beta A1, the pancreas produces an enzyme ( elastase ). This leads to the discharge of BCM-7 (beta casomorphin-7) into the digestive tract. Because it has an essential oxidative and opioid impact, it’s presupposed to be answerable for many issues when it passes into the blood.

Numerous research have proven that BCM-7 harms well being. Particularly, there’s a hyperlink between BCM-7 and an elevated danger of heart problems , sort 1 diabetes , sudden toddler dying syndrome , digestive issues and autism.

A current research exhibits that beta A2 casein doesn’t trigger the irritation that casein beta A1 triggers in lactose-intolerant people.

Quite a few uncertainties proceed to encompass BCM-7 and the danger of issues and sicknesses. The rationale for that is that BCM-7 is just not detected within the blood of adults after milk consumption as is the case in infants.

In sum, it isn’t but recognized with certainty whether or not A2 milk is sweet or not for well being. In any case, research point out that it’s higher than A1 milk. Remember, nevertheless, that some research are not directly or instantly funded by corporations that market A2 milk.

Milk Substitutes

Milk substitutes

Studying this text should have made you conscious that milk shouldn’t be essentially protected and that it isn’t wanted to be wholesome.

Even the primary argument in favor of milk consumption (based on which milk is sweet for the bones) doesn’t maintain. Analysis signifies that it’s within the nations the place probably the most milk is consumed that probably the most instances of bone fractures are noticed.

It’s higher to make use of calcium in legumes, greens and nuts. Their calcium is best absorbed by the physique they usually promote a greater stability calcium / magnesium.

General, it may be concluded that consuming loads of milk poses well being dangers, particularly within the case of skim milk.

When you eat milk, go for entire milk from grass-fed cows and restrict your self to at least one drink a day. There are various well being issues in individuals who eat plenty of milk.

If you wish to scale back or cease your consumption of dairy merchandise, you’ll have to discover substitutes. And regardless of the wide selection of plant milks discovered within the grocery store, we understand that it isn’t so easy.

soy milkMany plant milks have the key drawback of containing added sugars.

For instance, a bottle of flavored soy milk will include about 6 g of sugar per 100 ml. At a price of three glasses a day, it leads us to a minimum of 35 g of sugar. What cancel all the advantages that you simply sought to reap by changing the milk with one other product.

In fact, there’s additionally unsweetened soy milk. That is the best choice if you wish to exchange cow’s milk with soy milk. It will forestall you from ingesting ineffective sugars.

The drawback of rice milk is that it doesn’t include protein. Its consumption subsequently doesn’t make it attainable to acquire the proteins present in milk. Rice milk just isn’t appropriate for youngsters beneath 5 years previous because of the attainable presence of arsenic.

Vegetable drinks like almond milk include small quantities of fiber and good fatty acids. That stated, don’t be too optimistic. A brick of almond milk incorporates between Three and 9 almonds. Vegetable drinks subsequently present little protein.

Oat milk brings in fiber. These fibers assist keep a superb ldl cholesterol degree. Oat milk can also be low in protein.

Coconut milk is made up of water and a small quantity of coconut milk. Its coconut style doesn’t please everybody. Coconut milk can also be low in protein.

Learn the record of components for vegetable milk substitutes. There’s typically added sugar. Flip to unsweetened vegetable drinks.

Goat’s milk

Cow’s milk and milk merchandise may also be changed by goat’s milk, goat’s yogurt and goat’s cheese.

The benefit of goat’s milk is that it’s simpler to digest than cow’s milk and fewer typically causes gastrointestinal disturbances.

It additionally accommodates much less lactose, which makes it extra tolerable for individuals with lactose intolerance.

Goat milk additionally has the benefit of not containing beta A1 casein .

Casein beta A1 is related to an elevated danger of heart problems, sort 1 diabetes, sudden toddler demise, psychomotor developmental issues, digestive issues, and autism (extra on this within the part “A2 milk”).

Casein beta A1 can even trigger digestive issues corresponding to irritable bowel syndrome and porous bowel syndrome, pimples, eczema and autoimmune illnesses akin to colitis, or even Crohn.

goats grazingDue to the absence of casein beta A1, goat’s milk may also be consumed by individuals with milk allergy .

As well as, the minerals, fatty acids, proteins and nutritional vitamins present in goat’s milk are extra simply absorbed by the physique than these of cow’s milk.

Simply that ? Goat’s milk appears to be an excellent substitute for cow’s milk.

The consequences of goat milk on well being have been much less researched than these of cow’s milk. Whereas cow’s milk is probably the most extensively consumed within the western world, there are different areas during which goat’s milk is drunk at first.

If you wish to utterly cease consuming dairy merchandise, contemplate looking for recommendation from a dietician. He can research your weight loss plan and way of life to make sure that you wouldn’t have vitamin B12 deficiency or protein, for instance.