Alternative Treatments for Henoch-Schonlein purpura (HSP)

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This can be a message that I despatched to my dad who then despatched the message onward to a pal. Dad was having issues together with his Web service and a person named “Tony” got here to his home to repair the difficulty. Whereas he was there, Tony advised my dad that his daughter had a illness referred to as Henoch-Schonlein purpura. This illness causes a rash, abdomen points, and typically kidney points. Clearly, I’m not a physician and my dad informed this man that, however the Tony had an in depth relative who was a physician and the physician was doing analysis however not discovering something of worth. So I did a cursory search on-line after which wrote down some ideas that I had when it comes to potential various remedies for Henoch-Schonlein purpura illness.


After a few years of studying about cures for critical, life-threatening and debilitating illnesses corresponding to most cancers, diabetes, a number of sclerosis, or Parkinson’s my concept on all/most illnesses is that they’re brought on by:


  1. Poor vitamin. A very good food plan consists of principally fruit and veggies and entire grains and no refined sugars. The perfect weight loss plan has no animal merchandise or is made up of solely about 5% animal merchandise. A superb eating regimen to comply with is The China Research Eating regimen.
  2. Degeneration of the physique tissues and the immune system brought on by dietary deficiencies with the obvious and necessary deficiencies being vitamin B17 and iodine.
  3. An infection, which is finally brought on by a low immune response from a scarcity of excellent meals that’s excessive in vitamins. By treating the an infection utilizing substances like MMS and DMSO or a Rife Machine, the physique turns into stronger. In tandem with high-quality dietary supplements and apricot kernels (vitamin B17) to rebuild the immune system, an infection management can convey an individual again to well being even when they’ve been given a terminal analysis.
  4. Low mobile voltage, which is actually the identical factor as saying that the physique is acidic relatively than alkaline. A traditional, wholesome cell operates at -25mV. Cells which might be sick, however therapeutic use -50mV to return to well being. If the physique doesn’t have a excessive sufficient voltage for cells to heal themselves, continual illness occurs, adopted by dying. The Budwig protocol helps improve cell voltage and conductivity as nicely.


All the above are associated to one another in essential methods. If an individual eats apricot kernels however doesn’t take iodine, the ultimate outcomes might be totally different. If the individual takes dietary dietary supplements however doesn’t eat a nutritious diet, the outcomes clearly gained’t be nearly as good. Typically, there isn’t any “magic bullet” although lots of people discover that sure remedies have a extra pronounced impact on a illness like Henoch-Schonlein purpura than others. Typically, these remedies will trigger an preliminary worsening of signs as a result of the physique will detox and the infectious organisms inflicting the illness will die. When pathogens die in giant numbers, they launch toxins earlier than they’re eradicated from the physique. A detox response is often a very good signal and it often passes inside 5 to 7 days if the affected person drinks loads of water and maybe does espresso enemas to maintain the intestines shifting.


Once more, I’m not a physician, and I ascribe to a perception in somatids which nonetheless acknowledges the position of germs in drugs, nevertheless it takes germ principle a step additional. Based on somatidian concept, germs are usually not simply one thing that we “catch” but in addition one thing that we “produce” in our our bodies. A somatid in an alkaline physique setting is a wholesome little power packet that goes by means of a four stage cycle, altering within the blood from a rod-shaped “thing” to a spherical-coccal formed “thing” and so forth, stimulating the immune system because it goes by way of this cycle.  Every of those shapes is innocent, however it retains the immune system on its toes, so, in individuals with an alkaline inner setting, somatids are important to a wholesome immune system.


In individuals with an acidic inner setting nevertheless, somatids undergo a cycle of as much as 42 totally different shapes. Every “shape” is, for all intents and functions, an infectious organism. One approach to eliminate an an infection with one among these somatidian shapes is to alkalize the physique. Alkalizing causes the cycle to reverse, so typically individuals re-experience illnesses they’ve had up to now on their means again to well being.


In concept then, an infectious organism might trigger Henoch-Schonlein purpura regardless that a lot of the articles I’ve learn speak about “auto-immune” features of this illness. The truth that it typically follows one other an infection provides a clue that Henoch-Schonlein might be itself an an infection. One physician in Mexico, Isaac Goiz, developed a novel concept of somatids that famous that one sort of pathogen, a virus let’s say, can weaken the immune system and depart a physique prone to an infection with a specific sort of micro organism. Goiz developed a system referred to as BioMagnetism that’s barely been acknowledged within the U.S. although he’s gained a number of awards in Mexico for curing illnesses like most cancers and AIDs. A PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency) machine can do one thing that’s just like BioMagnetism which is why I like to recommend it under instead remedy for Henoch-Schonlein purpura.


Then again, an individual who has an acidic surroundings and who eats a poor food regimen that’s low in vitamins is prone to “catching” a illness like HSP from one other individual as a result of their immune system is compromised. It doesn’t actually matter, in the long run, whether or not an individual with HSP caught the illness from another person or in the event that they developed the illness by way of the pleomorphic evolution of somatids in their very own physique. The remedy can be the identical.


It isn’t necessary whether or not a affected person buys into the somatidian principle of illness or not. What’s necessary is that sufferers perceive that to deal with a illness that includes an infection, auto-immunity, and/or degeneration of the physique, it’s necessary to comply with a protocol and never simply attempt to deal with the illness utilizing one remedy technique. A PROTOCOL IS BETTER. Altering the weight loss plan is important, nevertheless it often occurs slowly over time and that’s okay. The objective isn’t just to cowl up the illness, however to remedy it and that takes time and way of life modifications.


Under is the e-mail I despatched to my dad. Once more, I’m not a physician, I’m only a one that’s learn plenty of books and thought rather a lot about illness so, when you’re affected person, it’s completely as much as you to determine for your self how greatest to deal with your illness! However in case you determine give these remedies a attempt for HSP or another illness they usually work for you, I’d love to listen to from you…




I seemed up HSP…I’d by no means heard of it earlier than. In line with what I learn, this illness usually happens in youngsters and when adults get it it’s worse for them. The article that I learn stated that the illness solely lasts about 6 weeks, however I do know that always these articles aren’t very trustworthy or informative. The truth that his different daughter has vasculitis is fascinating in that vasculitis and HSP are very comparable issues truly. HSP is taken into account to be an auto-immune illness the place the physique principally assaults itself. WebMD outlined HSP as a “disease involving inflammation of the blood vessels”. Vasculitis is an “inflammation of the blood vessels”. That’s what the phrase “vasculitis” means (irritation of the blood vessels). So, you can say that each of his daughters have the identical factor, however one daughter has signs which are a bit of extra pronounced (the one with HSP).


Lots of people (docs/scientists) would in all probability be fast to say that Tony’s daughters in all probability each have a “genetic” drawback, however I disagree with this. I imply, sure, there’s in all probability some sort of genetic predisposition to one thing that’s made each of them weak to blood vessel irritation, however a number of scientists and docs have been blinded by the phrase “genetics”. The phrase “genetics” has develop into a handy excuse for why docs can’t deal with or remedy illness. It’s not the physician’s fault, in fact, however sufferers are inclined to consider what the physician’s say. And docs need to do what they’re informed and taught to do. If you say an individual is “genetically predisposed” to one thing you’re principally saying it could’t be fastened (at the very least not nowadays, since that man who was on the chopping fringe of creating gene restore therapies was mysteriously killed final yr). What I see is an apparent sample although…vascular irritation in two associated people and to me, that signifies that each daughters in all probability have one thing in widespread that they both grew up with, grew up WITHOUT, or obtained too little of once they have been youthful. In the event that they reside in the identical basic area of the world, they could each nonetheless be poor or over-exposed to SOMETHING (in all probability vitamins, however probably chemical compounds like bromine).


All scientists (besides docs) are AS A RULE imagined to be parsimonious: they’re purported to look for the only, most elegant answer to an issue. There’s an inventory of straightforward issues that come to thoughts so far as what might assist this man’s daughters. Although all of those concepts are comparatively easy and easy, it may be arduous for individuals to consider in “Simple and Straightforward” as a result of trendy drugs is so complicated and but ineffective (which then provides sufferers the sense that therapeutic is unimaginable). To seek out out that each one that you must do is cease consuming sugar and shine a purple mild at your pores and skin could be arduous to consider. However anyway, right here’s the record of issues that come to thoughts as potential remedies–all of them are straightforward to get and could be tried at house. It might be greatest for Tony’s daughter to do all the issues I point out under and comply with a “protocol”, however finally, will probably be as much as her to determine tips on how to proceed:


MOST IMPORTANT: Keep away from refined sugar–there’s nothing extra irritating to blood vessels than refined sugars! Only a few individuals understand that refined sugar causes irritation within the blood vessels. Exchange refined sugars with honey, molasses, coconut sugar, and even higher–Monk Fruit. These non-refined, pure sugars are so much gentler on the blood vessels. To keep away from refined sugars, it’s necessary to learn product labels, ask for ingredient lists when ordering at eating places–don’t eat meals that include refined sugars. It sucks just a little to have to do that, nevertheless it sucks much more to have infected blood vessels. Lydian’s no-sugar dessert recipes are at


  1. On the backside of all illnesses that contain a degeneration of the physique whereas the individual continues to be alive is usually a Vitamin B17 deficiency. The physique shouldn’t degenerate when you’re nonetheless alive!  By taking vitamin B17 ALONE, not concurrently different nutritional vitamins or meals (you will discover vitamin B17 within the type of uncooked, natural, apricot kernels- 5 kernels as much as eight occasions per day on an empty abdomen) your physique will begin to rebuild. The affected person additionally must take an excellent, high-quality multi-vitamin each day, however not concurrently the apricot kernels. Right here’s a hyperlink to apricot kernels:


Additionally, placing apricot kernel oil on the pores and skin over the rash could possibly be useful. The apricot kernel oil might even be combined with DMSO to make it extra highly effective and to kill infectious organisms + diminish the prospect of scarring. Right here’s a hyperlink to apricot kernel oil:


  1. Iodine deficiency – EVERYONE IN THE U. S. SHOULD TAKE IODINE as much as 50 mg per day within the type of Iodoral or Lugol’s Iodine 2%. It might trigger a rash…or worsen an present rash on this case (as bromine leaves the physique), nevertheless it may be the important thing that makes the rash ultimately go away (as bromine leaves the physique). Taking iodine may cause a bromine detox response, however it may possibly make an enormous distinction in an individual’s general well being. It’s particularly beneficial for ladies and may forestall/remedy breast most cancers and stop/remedy all types of feminine hormone/reproductive points embrace fibrocystic breasts, menstrual issues, libido or fertility points, and so forth. If I have been Tony’s daughter, I’d get Lugol’s Iodine 2% and put simply 1 drop on my wrist per day for every week. Then I’d improve it to 2 drops and proceed like that over time as much as 50 mg per day of Iodoral by mouth. All types of various illness clear up in response to iodine remedy. Right here’s a hyperlink to Lugol’s:,B06XFVF4TH,B06XG13216&lp_mat_key=lugols%20iodine&lp_query=lugol%27s%20iodine%20solution%205%25&sb-ci-n=brandLogo&sb-ci-v=images%2FS%2Fgladiator-image-upload-prod%2F8%2FATVPDKIKX0DER%2Facbdf6ca768a8802f090b9dd7147d228._CR0%2C0%2C400%2C400_.jpg


Right here’s a hyperlink to an e-book about Iodine:


  1. An infection – HSP is an an infection and it’s probably that the opposite daughter’s vasculitis can also be brought on by an an infection. There’s no remedy obtainable utilizing MODERN MEDICINE, however there are a number of issues that would really like work to deal with the an infection utilizing various drugs. The simplest/most reasonably priced route can be a PEMF + MMS and DMSO remedy.


  1. Rife Machine – Anybody should buy a Rife Machine. We’ve got a “Spooky2” Rife Machine and it isn’t extraordinarily intuitive, however John might assist a motivated individual order an excellent mannequin after which set it up by way of Skype as soon as it arrives within the mail. The price of a Spooky2 is about $1000. The machine itself does a “bioscan” to seek out out what pathogens to deal with…typically the Rife analysis is totally different than the physician’s analysis, however no matter…the machine works. It’s sluggish, nevertheless it works.


  1. PEMF Machine- An excellent PEMF machine prices $100-$400. These construct the immune system by growing the voltage in cells. Additionally they alkalinize the physique (which is identical factor as growing voltage in cells). All wholesome cells function at 25mV. Cells which might be within the strategy of regeneration function at 50mV (which might be why individuals get fevers—as a result of they’re inner voltage goes as much as heal broken tissues). Individuals who can’t generate a excessive sufficient voltage to heal cells develop persistent, degenerative or autoimmune illnesses. Right here’s a hyperlink to the location the place I purchased our PEMF machine:



  • MMS/DMSO – Likelihood is, MMS (Miracle Mineral Answer) mixed with DMSO (Dimethylsulfoxide) would work to clear up the an infection for each HSP and vasculitis. Right here’s a hyperlink to a physician’s dosing info for MMS To dose it correctly, you want a pipette and the affected person’s weight. Once more, MMS is a Chlorine Dioxide and it’s used to sanitize consuming water so, when individuals take the fitting dose, it’s completely innocent although it may well trigger a detox response. Within the U.S. MMS is bought as a water air purifier as a result of Massive Pharma has recognized it as a substance that may in all probability put all of them out of enterprise resulting from its simplicity and it’s broad spectrum of motion. DMSO is FDA accepted…probably the most researched medicinal recognized to man and probably the most scandalized despite the fact that it’s additionally innocent with the potential to do a whole lot of unimaginable issues for drugs! (It’s derived from the bark of timber!) I completely love DMSO–we use it on a regular basis. Making use of a dose particular for her physique weight, Tony’s daughter might combine equal elements of the MMS combine with DMSO after which simply apply it to the pores and skin. She wouldn’t even should take it internally. The DMSO would assist heal her pores and skin wounds quicker and stop scar tissue from creating. DMSO additionally goes into cells, kills invading organisms after which cleans out the ailing cells to allow them to heal. The opposite daughter with vasculitis might principally do the identical factor (simply apply it to the pores and skin). DMSO goes the place it’s wanted within the physique. It’s derived from timber and it has it’s personal “intelligence” as they are saying. It’s used typically together with chemo to deal with most cancers utilizing microdoses of chemo as a result of it takes the drugs on to the place they should go (to the tumor, the infectious organism, the diseased cell, or no matter).  Both MMS or DMSO might be used alone or mixed collectively. MMS will sting if utilized to damaged pores and skin. DMSO ought to all the time be used on clear pores and skin with no magnificence merchandise or any type of chemical compounds on it, in fact, not even cleaning soap since most soaps include fragrances and DMSO opens cells as much as no matter is mixed with it. The pores and skin ought to be cleaned with pure, clear water earlier than utilizing DMSO. It warms when it hits the pores and skin so it’d really feel scorching and sting a bit on the rash, however…Lydian makes use of DMSO to heal pimples extra shortly and stop scar tissue from forming. John places DMSO with Vitamin B17 on what was his melanoma spot.



If both daughter is taking a pharmaceutical treatment, DMSO will amplify or improve it’s results. So, if so, they need to contact a DMSO-friendly physician to seek out out if they will proceed to take their pharmaceutical drugs and DMSO. That is true even when the DMSO is utilized to the pores and skin!


Right here’s contact information for a DMSO-friendly physician in Arizona:

Dr. James Critchlow

American Pharmaceutical Enterprises (APE)

POB 12543

Scottsdale, AZ 85267



Right here’s a hyperlink to a guide that lists DMSO-friendly docs all through the nation:


Hyperlink to MMS for sale:


Hyperlink to the model of DMSO that we use:


  1. Papaya Extract – Papaya Extract has been used efficiently to deal with issues like thrombocytopenia and hemorrhagic dengue fever. Truly, HSP sounds a LOT like a hemorrhagic fever to me now that I’m scripting this down (like Ebola or Yellow Fever). That sounds scary, however regardless of it’s similarities with these illnesses it’s in all probability not that contagious to individuals with a wholesome immune system. A hemorrhagic fever is principally the place the affected person has a fever and their tissues bleed simply (both internally or externally). There’s a man within the Philippines named Nicasio Martinez that has contacted me twice (by probability)…what I imply, is that we’ve brushed shoulders on-line coincidentally over papaya leaf extract and it’s worth in treating hemorrhagic fevers. I stumbled throughout Papaya Leaf Extract years in the past once I was researching pure remedies for hemorrhagic dengue fever. Since that point, each time I’ve gone to buy the stuff at Entire Meals I’ve observed that they’re out of inventory, in all probability as a result of these things is so highly effective at treating thrombocytopenia (a illness that’s just like HSP). It helps the physique construct platelets which might assist Tony’s daughter get the pores and skin/rash bleeding beneath management on the very least. And papaya is a tremendous fruit. An unripe papaya pores and skin laid throughout a pregnant lady’s stomach may cause an abortion. And papaya fruit eaten after a meal helps digest the meals that was simply eaten. By no means underestimate the facility of crops. Numerous our prescription drugs are derived from them.


  1. Omega three Fatty Acids and Quark – I discovered a research that demonstrated that Fish Oil may also help eliminate  HSP signs which reinforces my ideas on mobile voltage. The important thing ingredient that’s almost definitely to assist with HSP is the Omega three Fatty Acids since these are additionally associated to a number of the different issues that may doubtless assist (just like the PEMF machine since omega three’s are needed in an effort to have a excessive sufficient mobile voltage). Going a step additional, it will be actually useful to eat Dr. Johanna Budwig’s “quark” recipe three occasions per day. It’s a easy recipe of 1 half recent, chilly pressed, natural Flax Oil (which is tremendous excessive in omega three’s) and a couple of elements cottage cheese. These must be combined nicely in a blender till they’re sort of frothy. After which, Budwig all the time had her affected person eat the combination whereas sitting within the solar. I do know it may be onerous to get some solar this time of the yr, however full-spectrum mild would do a LOT OF GOOD for a pores and skin illness like HSP. Critically…a LOT OF GOOD. And Budwig’s quark recipe has been used to remedy all types of illnesses as a result of it will increase the cells’ voltage which suggests principally that it provides life again to cells which are ailing. It’s necessary that the flax oil is recent, natural, and cold-pressed although or it gained’t have the identical medicinal energy.  Barlean’s Flax Seed Oil with excessive ranges of Lignan’s is the model used at Budwig’s well being facilities. Right here’s a hyperlink:


  1. Pau d’Arco – (Tabebuia impetiginosa) – That is an herb that was used for a brief time period to remedy most cancers in hospitals in Brazil (till Huge Pharma heard about it). Individuals truly protested on the hospital lawns and went out into the forests and tore the bark from the Pau d’Arco timber after they discontinued its use. It’s highly effective and works to deal with many many issues. The secret’s to make use of the Tabebuia impetiginosa sort of Pau d’Arco! The opposite Pau d’Arco’s aren’t as highly effective. It’s not costly and it really works on a variety of illnesses, particularly degenerative illnesses. It in all probability accommodates vitamin B17, however in fact, scientific research have by no means been completed on it as a result of Massive Pharma needs to cowl this one up.


  1. Pink Mild Remedy – This might simply contain a purple mild shined on the pores and skin. Infrared mild would even be useful for rashes and vasculitis. Once more, this sounds virtually too good to be true, however mild remedy may be extremely highly effective!


  1. Blue Mild Remedy – Blue mild remedy is used to remedy melanoma and quite a lot of different pores and skin circumstances. It kills sure micro organism on the pores and skin. There’s nothing complicated about it. It’s nearly discovering a blue mild, ideally an LED (since LED’s don’t get scorching) and shining it on the pores and skin for 30 to 40 minutes a few times a day.